DSA Facilitates Transportation Services That Are Second To None!

Delivery Solutions of America facilitates transportation services that are second to none!


DSA continues to grow within a niche market and sets the performance bar each and every day! Although the delivery solutions speak for themselves, there is a very important business tenet that needs some attention. 


In late 2020, DSA decided to focus its philanthropic efforts on the community where it served. Each month, a market was tasked with identifying a specific charity that brought the same passion, diligence, and service DSA brings to their community. 


This was a process where the regional manager would collaborate with their team and identify a charity that was doing something great in the community. Month over month, each market has identified a unique charity that was giving back in its own way. 


These charities ranged from food pantries, cancer centers to animal shelters. And each month since late 2020, Delivery Solutions of America has been giving back to organizations to help deepen the impact they have in their community. 


DSA knows of the importance of philanthropy and hopes to help give back in any way moving into the future.

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