Leave It To Us

be focused more properly on your core business.

If you’re managing your own fleet, you’re probably “driving” profits right out the door. And you’re not alone. Some 90% of companies that manage their own fleets are losing money on that part of the business. Give your bottom line a break. Let Delivery Solutions of America handle your fleet. You’ll likely cut costs while we do what we do best: efficiently handle fleet and transportation services. Many Delivery Solutions of America customers have learned they don’t have to pay to staff, operate, and provide insurance for an in-house fleet. The alternative is so much simpler: Just partner with Delivery Solutions of America. We’ll provide regular snapshots of all necessary performance metrics and will pass along the volume discounts we receive from manufacturers. In turn, you’ll reduce risk and free up resources that can be focused more properly on your core business.

We’ll also manage the complex issues associated with operating and maintaining a modern fleet and provide assurance that your trucks comply with DOT standards.

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