Final Mile & Much More

Delivery Solutions of America is your best choice.

If you need a transportation partner that can efficiently and reliably move your items on a regular schedule, including daily replenishment of products, Delivery Solutions of America is your best choice. With unmatched final-mile services, we can handle your most demanding shipping needs with precision because our systems are set up to provide the utmost reliability and the utmost value. For example, we make scheduled daily runs for diagnostic labs, doctors’ offices, and other medical facilities.

We also efficiently handle daily deliveries and replenishment to retail stores, ensuring that in-demand items are in stock so retailers can increase revenue during peak seasons.


Whatever your scheduled delivery needs may be, Delivery Solutions of America is there for you. Our scheduled delivery services are perfect if you ship daily and require scheduled delivery services that are reliable and time-specific, whether for pickup or drop-off, and we provide these services across the United States 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.


We can even pick up within an hour if that is your requirement. And scheduled delivery services can, for example, include corporate runs, as well as retail, film services and runs for companies in many industries, including healthcare, bio-medical, pharmaceuticals, and financial institutions. We monitor shipments with a comprehensive chain of custody database that tracks the movement of your shipment to ensure integrity throughout transit and sends alerts when there is a threat of delay.

We also provide proof of delivery within minutes of drop and we can do it by phone or email, through our online portal.

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