Next day Delivery

More Options, Great Value

all the options for your needs.

Whether your shipping needs include B2B or B2C, overnight is a great option – and we’re the experienced experts who are ready to help. Choose from morning delivery, afternoon, weekends, and more. Our next day trucking services include expedited freight, full truckload, expedited LTL, direct trucking, local and deliveries that are regional and national, as well as 24x7x365 tracking.

Comprehensive next day and overnight delivery services via ground or air with cargo vans, straight trucks, tractor-trailers, and air services to ensure your urgent freight gets where it needs to go in just a single day.


These Delivery Solutions of America advantages are precisely why we are so good at accommodating Just-in-Time (JIT) production schedules, Our team of professional agents provides you with 24/7/365 support.

We’re the company that understands how much you have at stake and how much you need precision and value in your transportation solutions. That makes Delivery Solutions of America your best choice for Next Day shipping and for other shipping services as well. Our focus on volume helps us reduce your costs and increases your value.


With an industry that is changing every day and becoming more challenging by the minute, it’s not easy to keep pace – and your company shouldn’t have to try. Why not focus on your core capabilities and preserve your capital for core projects? As your strategic partner in transportation solutions, we’re here to drive your success.

Whether you need a cargo van, straight truck or tractor-trailer, we’ll get your next-day delivery to its destination rapidly and efficiently.

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