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The Accounting Team: the Glue that Keeps DSA Running Smooth.

The accounting team’s role at DSA is to ultimately provide timely, accurate, and reliable financial data to the executive group to make decisions and steer the company in the right direction. All business activity is following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) to ensure conformity and consistency of the financial statements, which in turn establishes trust with our customers, vendors, financial institutions, landlords, etc.


They take pride in paying their independent contractors quickly so they can maintain their stellar service and billing customers with correct courier and fuel rates. To meet deadlines, a great deal of problem solving, discipline, and hustle is required each day. DSA enjoys the challenge, and the sheer growth of the company in the last couple of years has taxed them (pun intended) yet they embrace the challenge and have found ways to get better and better.


DSA has a great accounting team with Mario, Tim, Craig, and Richard, who each plays an important role in meeting DSA’s daily objectives. They take pride in their work product and enjoy sharing time-saving excel hotkeys and CXT shortcuts. They have seen major success due to refined accounting processes and the help of the Operations field, IT, and Compliance in implementing CXT. They look forward to furthering improvements to CXT and the total implementation of the system.

Accounting Team Employee Spotlights

Mario Costello – Controller.

Joined DSA in July 2019 as the Corporate Controller. Previously, he was a Controller at a large Silencer manufacturer in Utah until deciding to move abroad to Madrid, Spain to be an English teacher at a local high school for one year.


While there, he stayed busy with remote contract work as a finance consultant for several Utah companies to continue practicing his love for accounting. Upon his return to Utah, he reached out to a colleague and he said that next Monday he was meeting the owners at a company called DSA and brought Mario along. Luckily, the timing was right for DSA and Mario and he is grateful for the opportunity to be working for this great organization!


Mario was born and raised on a small farm in SLC, Utah. He grew up loving sports and the outdoors. He’s an adventure seeker and travel enthusiast, having traveled to more countries than the US States. He received BS and MS degrees in Accounting at the University of Utah and then proceeded to work in public accounting. Today, his girlfriend Leslie, ShihTzu puppy Theodore and Mario enjoy spending time with family and traveling.

Tim Tate – Assistant Controller.

Tim Tate is the assistant controller and he has been with DSA since early 2020. Tim was born and raised in Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah. His daughter is attending the University of Nottingham in the UK and was awarded a teaching placement in Flumet, in the French Alps, for her 3rd year of college and she just turned 19 years old.


Tim rescued a border collie named Lily in June 2020 but the real question is “who rescued who”? He loves the mountains all the outdoor recreation that Utah has to offer, especially skiing and hiking. Tim says DSA is a great place to work because of the great people within the organization and he loves the fact that DSA is dog friendly.

Richard Westwood – AP Clerk.

Richard Westwood is the newest addition to the accounting team. He has been with DSA since June of 2021. He brings a young enthusiasm that is eager to learn more about accounting and the transportation industry.


He is from Highland, UT, and is currently living in Salt Lake City, UT. Richard is pursuing a degree in Accounting, intending to get a master’s. He is happily married to his wife Katie, and they have a mini labradoodle named Atlas! He’s an outdoors enthusiast, mainly leaning towards rock climbing and mountain biking but his preferred hobby is photography! He enjoys the environment at DSA. He sees how kind everyone is and how willing everyone is to help others.

Craig Jensen – AR/AP Clerk.

Craig has been with DSA since December of 2020. He was initially recruited to work on accounts payable but has quickly transitioned over to the accounts receivables role. He’s been a positive influence on the whole office.


He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was a top sales rep for PepsiCo for seven years. While doing this he went to the University of Phoenix and graduated with a BA in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration.


Craig has been doing accounting for the last five years where he has gained experience in AP/AR, HR, and taxes. He’s constantly looking to grow in his career. He enjoys working with his accounting team and is learning more accounting skills that will help him every day.


He is a Father of 5 children. They age from 12, 10, 8, 6, and 3. The two oldest are boys and the 3 younger ones are girls. They love pets and have several different kinds in their home including a dog, cat, guinea pig, 2 rabbits, and a fish to name a few.


He loves the state of Utah and wants to stay here because of the beautiful mountains. He loves camping, hunting, fishing, ATV riding, and BBQs with his family. He loves all outdoor activities and is a huge sports fan and enjoys staying active and playing sports.

Charity Section

In this section, DSA identifies an organization that was selected by the spotlight department/individual to receive some additional kudos for their work in the community.


The accounting department has selected: The Humane Society of Utah.

They selected this organization because of their help with animal rights and welfare. The team shares having pets in common and using their services to rescue or help their pets. They are a 4-star charity where more than 80% of donation dollars goes directly to their cause.


DSA will be making a charitable donation on behalf of the accounting team.

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